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H&H Germany2Go Talking Phrase Book 3.2.1

H&H Germany2Go Talking Phrase Book 3.2.1

H&H Germany2Go Talking Phrase Book Publisher's Description

ALL NEW V3.0 release!

Feature Highlights

  • 1000 words and phrases, 10 Major categories and 50 sub categories
  • Every single phrase has crystal clear voice, recorded by a native speaker
  • Fast voice play back
  • Compose your phrase from selecting from a list
  • Search a phrase by key word(s)
  • Link to related phrases
  • Organize frequently used phrases your own way
  • Useful travel and cultural tips


Welcome to H&H Germany2Go, a talking English-German phrase book. Featuring crystal clear voice recorded by a native speaker, this phrase book is a great travel companion and an ideal tool to start learning German. With our cutting edge voice compression technology, this product includes more than 1000 phrases, their translation, and the voice in only a few megabytes.

Germany2Go Phrase Book includes more than 1000 frequently-used words and phrases, organized into 10 major categories and 50 sub categories, and it is extremely convenient to browse. The search feature makes it even easier to find the phrase you want.

With the cool "favorites" category, your favorite phrases are now only one click away! When you browse phrases, click the "favorites" button on the tool bar to put the phrase into your favorites category - a top level category in the main menu. Going to the airport in a cab? Now you can have "Please call a taxi for me." and "Please take me the to airport." next to each other!


Use the "Favorites" category to organize the phrases your own way! You can put a phrase into your "favorite" category, accessible from either the Tools menu -> Add to favorites, or the button on the tool bar when you browse a phrase. When you browse the favorites category, you can delete a phrase from the list by selecting it and clicking the "delete favorite" button on the toolbar.


When applicable, "related" phrases can be browsed by clicking the related button on the tool bar. For example, phrase "Is there a restaurant nearby?" has the following related phrases: 1. "Can you show me this on the map?", 2. "How far is it from here?", and 3. "Could you please call a taxi for me?". This feature can not only make your conversation a lot easier, but also help you learn German.


You can search phrases by key word(s). Click the search button on the toolbar for this function.

Travel and Cultural Tips

Germany2Go Phrase Book v3 provides useful travel and cultural tips and they are carefully organized with phrases. When a tip is available for a phrase, the Tips icon (light bulb) will be enabled on the toolbar.

Try and Buy

Free trial version can be downloaded by following the trial links on this page. Please note that during trial period, voice is available only for "Basic" category. If you decided to use this product, please purchase an unlock registration code by clicking the "Add to cart" link. We will email you an unlock registration code within a few minutes after you place your order.


If you have purchased any previous version of Germany2Go Phrase Book, you are eligible for an upgrade at a discount price. If you have not received a discount coupon in your email, send us an email and we will email it to you.

Voice samples

The table below gives a few voice sound samples. Click the speaker icon to play. If your browser does not support sound then you may need to download the wave file first. Note: in the trial version, sound is available only in the "Basic" category. After the trial expires you will not be able to hear any sound.

How are you? I don't speak German. How is the weather today?


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